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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess
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Coat of Arms

  • The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Her Majesty The Queen
  • Prince Harry's Coat of Arms
  • Prince Harry
  • Prince Harry

Prince Harry received a coat of arms on his 18th birthday.

The Prince was involved in designing the crest which incorporates an emblem from the family arms of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

His Royal Highness's crest - a lion and unicorn, either side of a shield, topped by a coronet and second, smaller lion - is based on one created for The Duke of Cambridge on his 18th birthday.

The Queen personally authorised the unique coat of arms for Prince Harry. It features a small, red escallop from the Spencer coat of arms. The escallop appears three times on the first, third and fifth points on white collars around the lions, unicorn and shield. The collars or labels, as they are called, can only be used in arms of the sovereign's children or the eldest son of The Prince of Wales.

There is no motto.

The personal standard of Prince Harry is the same as that of his brother’s, The Duke of Cambridge, but has five white labels, which represent that The Prince is the grandchild of a monarch and three escallops which are derived from the Spencer family’s Coat of Arms.

The basis of the standard is very similar to that of Prince Harry’s Coat of Arms.

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